7th Dragon 2020

7th Dragon 2020 is a popular RPG (Role Play Game) which was released by SEGA for PSP (Play Station Portable) players.
This 7th Dragon 2020 PSP game features polygon graphics and the story takes place in Tokyo where the dragons invade the city.
Hatsune Miku even appeared as a non-playable character in the following sequel – 7th Dragon 2020-II PSP game.

Check out more information via Official Japanese Site.


Characters :

Hacker (Chelsea)



Samurai (Katanako)

7th_dragon_2020_samurai_katanako_pvc_255mm_01 7th_dragon_2020_samurai_katanako_pvc_255mm_another_color_ver_01


Psychic (Pink Harley)



Hatsune Miku




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