Bakemonogatari – Nadeko Sengoku PVC Figure Medusa Ver. (1:8 Scale)


Product Name : Nadeko Sengoku PVC Figure Medusa Ver.

Series : Bakemonogatari

Manufactuer : Good Smile Company

Specifications : Painted 1/8th scale ABS & PVC Figure

Height : Approximately 175mm

Sculptor : Mamoru Manzoku

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bakemonogatari_nadeko_sengoku_pvc_medusa_ver_02 bakemonogatari_nadeko_sengoku_pvc_medusa_ver_03 bakemonogatari_nadeko_sengoku_pvc_medusa_ver_04 bakemonogatari_nadeko_sengoku_pvc_medusa_ver_05 bakemonogatari_nadeko_sengoku_pvc_medusa_ver_06

Nadeko Sengoku, the girl with a snake wrapped around her.

This Nadeko Sengoku PVC Figure is based on the cover illustration of the ‘Otorimonogatari Volume 2 / Nadeko Medusa (Part 2)’ Blu-ray & DVD. Nadeko is sculpted as the Snake Goddess oddity with a cute smile with a hint of madness on her face. The details of this figure, from her white hair made up of snakes with subtle movements, her dress decorated with pink flowers, the donation box, bottles of sake and money, are all sculpted and painted carefully to bring out the original illustration as faithfully as possible.

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