Fate/Apocrypha – Saber of ‘Red’ -Mordred- PVC Figure (1:7 Scale)


Product Name : Saber of ‘Red’ PVC Figure -Mordred-

Series : Fate/Apocrypha

Manufacturer : AQUAMARINE

Specifications : Painted 1/7th scale figure

Height : Approximately 240mm

Sculptor : Yukiusa

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fate_apocrypha_saber_of_red_pvc_mordred_240mm_02 fate_apocrypha_saber_of_red_pvc_mordred_240mm_03 fate_apocrypha_saber_of_red_pvc_mordred_240mm_04 fate_apocrypha_saber_of_red_pvc_mordred_240mm_05

Saber of ‘Red’ -Mordred-, the Saber-class servant and member of the Red Faction from the novel ‘Fate/Apocrypha’.

This Saber of ‘Red’ PVC Figure is sculpted based on the illustration by the novel’s illustrator. Saber is posed as she slings her red jacket over her back, as she looks over shoulder with confident smile on her face. The details of this figure, from the ponytail and the braids, the white top, the jeans, the boots, the red jacket, the pendant and bracelet, are all faithfully sculpted and painted.

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