Fate/Stay Night : Unlimited Blade Works – Shirou Emiya Figma 2.0


Product Name : Shirou Emiya Figma 2.0

Series : Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works

Manufacturer : Max Factory

Specifications : Painted non-scale ABS & PVC figure

Height : Approximately 150mm

Sculptor : Shinji Koshinuma

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Shirou Emiya, the apprentice magus who admires those who protect justice from the anime series ‘Fate/Stay Night’.

This Shirou Emiya Figma comes with 3 expressions :

1. A cheerful smiling expression

2. A shouting expression for combat

3. A condescending expression

Optional parts are also included :

1. His school bag

2. Slipper parts

3. An enhanced steel pipe

4. A right hand parts with magic circuits

5. His twin blades – Kanshou and Bakuya


Rin Tohsaka & Shirou Emiya

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