No Game No Life – Shiro PVC Figure Swimsuit Style (1:7 Scale)


Product Name : Shiro PVC Figure Swimsuit Style

Series : No Game No Life

Manufacturer : AQUAMARINE

Specifications : Painted 1/7th scale ABS & PVC figure

Height : Approximately 200mm

Sculptor : Potton

Paintwork : Eimi Hoshina

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no_game_no_life_shiro_pvc_figure_swimsuit_style_200mm_02 no_game_no_life_shiro_pvc_figure_swimsuit_style_200mm_03 no_game_no_life_shiro_pvc_figure_swimsuit_style_200mm_04 no_game_no_life_shiro_pvc_figure_swimsuit_style_200mm_05

Shiro, the younger of the ‘Kuuhaku’ gamer siblings from the anime series ‘No Game No Life’.

This Shiro PVC Figure is sculpted in a standing pose and wearing her swimsuit. The details of this figure, from the intricately detailed crown on her head, her beautiful multicolored hair flowing around, the hoodie she wears is slowing slipping off her shoulders, the somewhat wistful look in her eyes and sullen expression, and other small details such as her intricate hands and feet are all sculpted and painted with greatest details.

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