Shining Wind – Blanc Neige Ani Statue (1:8 Scale)


Product Name : Blanc Neige Ani Statue

Series : Shining Wind

Manufacturer : Kotobukiya

Specifications : Painted 1/8th scale PVC figure

Height : Approximately 200mm

Sculptor : Kotobukiya

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shining_wind_blanc_neige_ani_statue_02 shining_wind_blanc_neige_ani_statue_03 shining_wind_blanc_neige_ani_statue_04 shining_wind_blanc_neige_ani_statue_05 shining_wind_blanc_neige_ani_statue_06

This Blanc Neige Ani Statue is sculpted in wearing a shorter cape outfit and in a pose which shows off her fine body curves and long limbs. The sharper edges of the ice on her rod is sculpted with clear materials, so it glows like blue crystals when you shine a light on the figure.

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