Toradora – Taiga Aisaka Ani Statue The Last Episode (1:6 Scale)


Product Name : Taiga Aisaka Ani Statue The Last Episode

Series : Toradora

Manufacturer : Kotobukiya

Specifications : Painted 1/8th scale PVC figure

Height : Approximately 250mm

Sculptor : Shinpei Yokoshima

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toradora_taiga_aisaka_ani_statue_the_last_episode_250mm_02 toradora_taiga_aisaka_ani_statue_the_last_episode_250mm_03 toradora_taiga_aisaka_ani_statue_the_last_episode_250mm_04 toradora_taiga_aisaka_ani_statue_the_last_episode_250mm_05

Taiga Aisaka, the ferocious main heroine from the popular series ‘Toradora’.

This Taiga Aisaka Ani Statue is sculpted as she is in an awkward situation with an embarrassed look and her hands at the back. Her hair, clothes, socks and shoes are all well-sculpted and painted. 

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